Chocolate & more

Classic shapes, surprising tastes

From classic tablets that honour the intense aroma of chocolate in its purest form, to chocolate spreads, biscuits and innovative confectionery. At Jitsk Chocolates we produce all of it with an equal eye for quality and flavour. 

Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding
Odoo • Tekst en afbeelding

Chocolate tablets

Citrus marmelade 

Venezuela 72%

Dominican Republic 74%

Caramel seasalt


Candied orange

Dragee hazelnut - dark

Dragee hazelnut - milk

Intense aromas and innovative techniques

Chocolate spreads

Hazelnut - milk chocolate

Hazelnut - dark chocolate


Chocolate bars

Coconut bar  

Avola almond bar 

Piemonte hazelnut bar 

Crunchy caramel bar 


 Antwerp hands

Spiced Biscuits


Melocake hazelnut

Melocake classic milk chocolate

Melocake lime




This alcoholic liquor is the result of a unique cooperation with Dada Chapel distillery. It’s a distillate of Tripel d’Anvers beer, enriched with delicate flavours of citrus and cacao.